As an Atlanta native and citizen of Israel. I graduated from Kennesaw State University in December of 2018 with a B.A in Dance and a B.S in Media Studies and Entertainment, Magna Cum Laude. I am currently freelancing as a performer, choreographer, contemporary & commercial dance artist. I enjoy working alongside Fly on a Wall as an artist and one of the six Team Members. I also just recently presented my dance work "is rael i" at the MAD Festival in May 2019 where my work closed the show. 

     My training began at The School of the Georgia Ballet where I trained in classical ballet and modern for 13 years under the direction of now Hamburg Ballet administrator Gina "Gigi" Hyatt-Mazon. My training continued at Powerhouse Dance Center for 2 years where I trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. 

     My training was taken to a new level during my collegiate years at Kennesaw State University's Department of Dance where I performed in works by national and international choreographers including Israel's Ambassador of Dance Ido Tadmor, Ella Ben-Aharon, Dr. Ivan Pulinkala, James Graham, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Christine Welker and more. Between workshops with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Vertigo Dance Company, Ate9 Dance Company, and several Gaga/dancer classes, my movement research ignited and began gravitating towards the Israeli contemporary dance scene. My senior choreographic work,   "is rael i" was chosen to be presented in the 2018 Spring Concert among 18 other dance works. 


     During my time at KSU, I was awarded the: "Outstanding Student" (2018) in my Media Studies & Entertainment major which included having the highest GPA among all of my classmates, the "Outstanding Senior" (2018) in the Dance Department scholarship as well as the "Outstanding Freshman" (2014) scholarship in my Dance major, was named to the President's & Dean's List (2014-2018), received the HOPE scholarship (2014-2018), served as the KSU Dance Company Social Media Officer for three consecutive years, and interned for Fly on a Wall. I also presented my research: "The Fascination with Israeli Dance: From Aesthetic trends to Gaga to Choreography and Everything In-Between" at RADnocular (2018). 

     I am grateful and honored to have worked professionally with CoreDance's ChoreoLab with John McFall, Sean Nguyen-HiltonRachel Truitt, Kara Hill Protos, Nicole Johnson, Nathan Griswold, Allie Steele, and Fly on a Wall. I've worked on set as a featured dancer in the music dance film, OneLife with dance industry filmmaker, Otis Sallid and BarkBark Productions and as a dancer in the Netfllix series, Raising Dion. I've also worked on set as the featured soloist dancer in the iann dior x Gunna  "Strings" music video directed by Trey Lyons and ATLAS Productions

The above video is self improvisation

The above video is choreography by Darvensky Louis



Comments, chatter and conversation:

"... choreography was complex yet graceful

and compelling...unique movement vocabulary"

"... my only regret was that more people

didn't see your beautiful work."

"... loved the different styles of movement

and the synchronization of the dancers...

contained uniqued choreography...

steady transitions to keep the work exciting..."

"... phenomenal in every way... choice

of costumes had style..."

"... work utilized all of the dancers in

varying spaces on the stage and was

both challenging and


My piece, is rael i has been chosen to close the show at the 2019 Modern Atlanta Dance Festival (MAD) and was also chosen among 18 works to be performed in the KSU Dance Company's Spring Concert in April 2018. This contemporary work features seven dancers and a physical togetherness investigating grounded, unpeaceful movements. 

Choreography: Christina Massad

Music: "200 Pressure" by James Blake, Lute by Suhail Massad,

Voice by Marie Massad

Lighting Design: David J. Tatu

Original Dancers: Isabella Akel, Darvensky Louis, Caroline Mayfield, Amber Kirchner, Veronica Sacca, Bailey Harbaugh, Lauren Jones (2018)

Dancers at MAD Festival: Darvensky Louis, Chaes Hatfield, Caroline Mayfield, Brianna Joy, Amber Kirchner, Bailey Harbaugh, Mckenzie Maxey (2019)

Videography: Kennesaw State University's Production

Team (LTAO)

Editing: Christina Massad

*To view the full length video of "is rael i" please contact Christina

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Teaching Experience: