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Design Portfolio 

-I was the recipient of the 2018 Design Studio Contest at KSU: 

"In recognition of Christina's exceptional understanding and execution of effective graphic design"​

-Clients Include: Marmaros Productions, Fly on a Wall, KSU, as well as personal clients.

*The first 3 design samples below were my final project in my Digital Publication Design class in the Fall of 2018 at KSU. The project included designing a magazine cover, table of contents and two page spread. In creating these pieces, I used Adobe's InDesign and Photoshop. The remaining graphics have been in public use or are currently being used publicly. 

__2 page spread3.jpg
Massad_Magazine Cover.jpg
Fly on a Wall Class Card Poster.jpg
magazine inside new2.jpg
nicole class story.JPEG
sean class story.JPEG
nathan class story.JPEG
Fly on a Wall 5 Class Card.jpg
Fly on a Wall 10 Class Card.jpg
ksu banner.jpg
MP full on white.png
MP short on white.png

Below are two logos I designed and created using Adobe Illustrator for the business, Marmaros Productions. 

The below banner I designed and created for Kennesaw State University was printed for us in the social sciences building. 

final final final.jpg
Idea House Poster FINAL FINAL.jpg
© Christina J Massad 2020
bytemoat poster.jpg
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